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Howlite~Patience, Awareness, Calm, Peace, Enlightenment

Peach Moonstone~Acceptance, Soothing, Goodness

Amethyst~Peace, Healing, Intuition, Concentration, Soothing, Enlightenment, Serenity, Insight

Citrine~Success, Abundance, Personal Power, Happiness, Vision

White Turquoise Howlite~ Patience, Calm, Awareness, Peace, Enlightenment

Amozonite~Truth, Communication, Harmony, Expression, Balance, Inspiration, Universal Love, Peace

Jade~Prosperity, Well-Being, Good Luck, Healing

Peace Jade~Divine Guidance, Tranquility, Healing 

Black Onyx~Integration, Grounding, Strength, Shadow Work, Self Control, Guidance, Manifestation

Red Bamboos Coral~ Absorbs negative energy, Platonic love, Friendship, Creativity, Passion Wisdom, Enthusiasm, Balance, Protection

Lapis Lazuli~Communication, Intuition, Inner Power, Higher Awareness, Dream Recall, Expression

Red Aventurine~calming, Soothing, Opportunity, Optimism, Perserverance

Angelite~Angelic Communication, Serenity, Expanded Awareness

Green Aventurine~ calming, Soothing, Opportunity, Optimism, Perserverance

Snowflake Obsidian~Focus, Grounded, Balance

Sodalite~Idealism, Truth, Self-Acceptance, Loyalty, Intuition

Tigers Eye~Strength, Courage, Leadership, Success, Grounding

Carnelian~Love, Confidence, Purpose, Courage

Red Jasper~Energy, Revitalize, Unity, Stability, Honesty

Moss Agate~New Beginings, Abundance, Growth

Azurie Malachite~Vision, Insight, Learning, Enhances psychic powers

Chalcedony~Soothes the subconscious. Calm, Centered

Hematite~Grounding, Clarity, Manifestation

Labradorite~Pyschic Abilities, Journeying

Lepidolite~Calm, Nurturing, Stress-Relief

Pink Tourmaline~Emotional Healing, Peace, Love

Rose Quartz~Love, Trust, Emotional Healing

Ruby Zoisite~Protection, Cleansing, Intuition

Cloudy Quartz~Grounding, Supportive, Optimism

Dragon Vein Agate~Strength, Emotional Healer, Memory

White Agate~Balance, Release, Spirituality

Yellow Aventurine~Self Worth, Confidence, Optimism

Mookaite~ Motivation, Will Power, Inspiration

Spider Web Jasper~ Connection, Grounding, Balance

Obsidian~ Protection, Grounding, Cleansing

Multi Tiger Eye~ Strength, Protection, Wisdom

Selenite~ Clearing, Protection, Shield

Kambaba Jasper~ Love, Grounding, Balance

Pink Lepidolite~ Serenity, Grace, Purification

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