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Malachite Slabs

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Stone of Transformation & Power Stone. Malachite is thought to possess protective qualities, it is said to help you stay alert, avoid danger, and strengthen boundaries. Malachite is a stone of transformation. Malachite amplifies energy of all kinds, both positive and negative; some feel that malachite mirrors or amplifies the emotions of the wearer so it is best to use when feeling positive, while others feel that it encourages positive while releasing negative feelings. Malachite can help brings emotional issues to the surface to be dealt with, making it easier to move past them, heal and grow. Malachite provides emotional strength to overcome and heal from emotional abuse. Malachite on a basic level wants to protect and support your healthiest and happiest self. Malachite assists with setting boundaries so that you don't take on the responsibilities of others. Malachite encourages empathy for others and is helpful in sustaining friendships that can withstand the test of time.

~ Malachite helps resist temptation
~ Malachite encourages risk taking
~ Malachite helps overcome shyness
~ Malachite is said to protect air travelers
~ Malachite helps break old patterns
~ Malachite helps release emotional baggage
~ Malachite helps with self-expression
~ Malachite encourages individuals take responsibility for their actions.
~ Malachite helps overcome the fear of confrontation
~ Malachite helps break old patterns
~ Malachite promotes deep inner healing
~ Malachite are used for security and protection of children

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